What To Know About Solar Panels On The Gold Coast Business

Solar energy has become a popular technology nowadays and many people want to venture into solar panel business. But before you can start the business, you must have a guide on how to start the business that will cover all the relevant information to help you in your decision-making process.


Starting the business on solar panels requires an on-site survey of possible and potential installations, the creation of a solar strategy for the specified location, and working with the client for financing and installation of the units.

Who is the right person for the business?

This business is ideal for persons who have the motivation with outstanding skills, construction background, electrical knowledge, and a good marketing plan. With all these factors present, the individual can be successful in this fast-growing industry.

Activities of a typical day at the solar panel business

The activities vary everyday depending on the jobs that are lined-up for the day. Common duties include:

  • Installation of solar panels on the Gold Coast, connections to the main energy grid, and backing-up of battery systems.
  • Coordinating with customers for rebates, grants, and financing.
  • Contacting possible customers for a first survey.
  • Calculating the potential amount of solar energy that can be generated in a specific location.
  • Scheduling of crews to install and deliver the panels to the site.
  • Conducting a concluding checklist and survey wheninstallation is completed.
  • Maintaining proper payroll and accounting procedures.
  • Hiring of staff, and many more.

Defining the target market

With the evolution of solar technologies, many homeowners and businessmen are interested in the installation of solar energy in their places to get great benefits from the solar energy system.

How does a solar panel business make income?

Either working with a wholesaler or a franchise, the solar panel business makes money through every solar unit that is successfully installed. Leasing programs also generate income from the monthly bills of customers that include the extra power used by customers and the panel installation cost.

The solar panel business is flourishing as more individuals, states, and cities are shifting to solar energy sources. The ongoing improvements in technology and cost reduction of materials make solar power more appealing and affordable to both commercial and residential customers.