When A Restaurant Becomes An Instagram-Worthy Place For Millennials

One of the most anticipated events in a company is team building because of the challenging and exciting activities. Through team building in Sydney, employees gain the opportunity for bonding moments outside the company premises. More often than not, team-building activities are held in the outdoors or in venues that have the appropriate tools and equipment for the company event.

However, there is another way to get to know your co-employees and learn more about their passions and personalities. There is a restaurant located in the middle of a retirement village in Sydney’s East that is the hangout of millennials. Perry Hill, the chief executive of The Bontanica is surprised at the number of food bloggers and Instagram influencers who are visiting the place.

What makes The Botanica Vaucluse click? Is it the delicious food, millennial pink-coloured chairs, leafy ferns and fresh flowers at every table or the unique wallpaper? According to Hill, social media is very powerful particularly when used in amazing ways. Social media has brought people to the restaurant that years ago will not be interested in their food.

Fifteen years ago, when food critics would come to the restaurant, it is very stressful but now everything is under close scrutiny and goes straight to a hashtag. Hill is very much aware that everything has to look good on Instagram but he has another passion as a chef. There is very little opportunity for a professional chef to educate people on what goes into their food. Hill wants the next generation to know about what they are going to eat.

Hill also said that there is a lighter side to his phenomenal restaurant; customers hardly enjoy their meal because they use up the time to take perfect shots. There are instances when the food is already cold by the time it is eaten.

Creating amazing experiences is the goal of team building in Sydney that brings people together to learn about the value of teamwork. Socializing and making friends in the workplace is quite common but it is not enough because they need to work as a team to improve productivity and performance in the workplace.