When Should You Hire A Lawyer For Your Business?

Having a lawyer with you can sure be helpful your business in many ways. They would be able to help you draw up contracts, help you with incorporation and can even represent you in litigation. But it is also important that you know when you would need a lawyer and when you don’t. Remember, there are also times when a lawyer is not necessary and you would be able to save money by going through the legal processes on your own.

Mostly, it is during simple legal tasks that you can handle on your own without needing a lawyer. For example, you have just started a business. You don’t need a lawyer just to register your business name and even claiming trademark. You don’t need a lawyer when entering into a partnership agreement or forming an LLC but it can also be wise to seek legal advice from an expert just to be aware of the ramifications of such agreements. You wouldn’t need a lawyer when registering and even filing the paper work for your business because most of the steps involved are easy enough for you to do. Creating contracts for customers, partners and vendors can also be done without lawyer assistance however it would be better if you do.

Here are situations wherein you would need a lawyer.

  1. Formation of a corporation. Know that forming a corporation with shareholders is a very complex process. You would definitely need a corporate lawyer that would handle the administrative side of tax and other legal requirements.
  2. Patent Filing. Why do you need a lawyer when filing a patent when you can just do it on your own? Well, first, patent takes a very long time to get approved and it is necessary for you to seek expert advice whether it is beneficial for you to file a patent and wait or not.
  3. You would need an expert lawyer to defend you against an opposing party. There’s just no escaping that.
  4. Business Buying or Selling. Lawyers are great negotiators and therefore can help you with making great deals and sales agreements.

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