Why Is The Number Of Tradespeople Going Down In Australia?

Australia is currently experiencing a sharp decline in the number of workers in the trade industry. A homeowner looking for plumbing services in Brisbane now have very limited options to none. In an attempt by the industry to lure young people in, they are trying to erase the terms builders and tradespeople. To be exact, they are trying to convince the parents of young apprentices that they should encourage their children to try the industry where they will now be called professionals.

Due to the demand of the hands-on skills from the young Australians, they could earn as much as $140,000 for their starting salaries as long as they have a building certificate. The problem is that the parents are not sure about this line of work.

Master Builders Australia’s executive director in NSW, Brian Seidler, said that there are a lot of reasons why many young Aussies are not trying their hand in the building industry or venturing into any other trade but on the top of the list is their parents wanting them to attend the university.

The biggest influence came from the mother so it is now a challenge for the industry to make things attractive for these young citizens and make them see that being in the trade will also help them land the title of a professional. It has been decided by the group that tradies or builders are no longer applicable titles but they will stick to professionals.

Despite the boom in the construction industry, they are trying hard to stay afloat because of the shortage in apprentices with the most number needed as boilermakers, carpenters and bricklayers.

In 2018, the MBA decided to open their pilot study program in partnership with six schools in the western Sydney area including Colyton, Blacktown and Rooty Hill. These schools are offering apprenticeship classes which are under their existing curriculum.

The MBA also designated two full time individuals working as their career advisers to advocate for the trade industry. Hopefully in the years to come the number will climb and plumbing services in Brisbane will climb in order for the trade industry to continue for many more generations.