Why Motorcycle Manufacturers Must Consider In Cluster Design

Will you recognize the new Moto Guzzi when you see one on the road? Do you know the difference between a sports bike, cruiser and a scooter? It is important to know the different categories of motorcycles before making plans to buy one. This will ensure that the motorcycle you choose will match with your lifestyle.

Over the last 2 years, motorcycle instrument clusters as OEMs have moved from physical dials and simple LCD displays to Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD displays. These screens are not actually new technology but they allow the motorcycle manufacturers to make use of every colour range, pixel and motion possibility.

However, the problem with manufacturers is they use every pixel, colour range and motion possibility without understanding what the riders need and what they want at any given moment. While there are many technical and regulatory considerations when designing vehicle clusters, there are some truths that can improve rider experience.

If you will make a quick audit of the current motorcycle clusters, you will notice that there is a deluge of information that forces riders to take off their eyes on the road for a few precious seconds. Improving cluster design will reduce fatalities and serious physical injuries among riders. Adaptive hierarchies with contextual empathy must be employed by OEMs so that information will be displayed according to the needs of the rider.

For example, when starting the motorcycle, the display on the screen could show system check that will fade into the fuel gauge and rear indicator if there is nothing wrong in order to reveal a clutter-less interface. It is challenging for motorcycle riders to see the instrument cluster because of the limited visions when a helmet is used. When the motorcycle is not moving useful information like range to empty, distance to refuel or a weather report can be displayed.

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