Why People Of Buenos Aires Love To Watch In Football Stadiums

Football is a major sport in Buenos Aires. It’s a splendid experience on how the locals focus on attributes such as camaraderie, friendship, loyalty, intensity and passion. And when the match turns into an amazing sight, the huge crowd stands as one. This is what is felt in football stadiums when the game turns thrilling and exciting.

In most football stadiums, many of the spectators applause and whistle, while drums are heard and the flags raised, thus creating a fabulous and incomparable atmosphere. Many of the chants and songs speak about how the audience loves their teams. Here, they express so much when their teams are winning. Many feel the pain of anger or defeat when the referee decides.

Those who love football all have their favorite team. They feel it is important when they have a name, a surname and a national ID number. If you’re asked what team you do support, then there has to be an answer. Many of the options are based on their neighborhood, the family traditions, or simply the individual choice.

If you want to find the most football stadiums in the world, then come to Buenos Aires. It’s also here where you find the most executed pitches from amateur players. Here, you meet international sensations like Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona. They have their names traced back to street games, where the games are played on squares and parks all over the city.

Where to Go

For those who love soccer or football, you need to visit Buenos Aires and see the Bombonera stadium, where Maradona’s beloved Boca Juniors came from. Here’ you can visit the stadium using the city’s tourist bus. It’s nearby the famous Caminito in La Boca, and you can also visit the Museo de la Pasion Boquense, which is open from 10AM to 6PM daily.

In Buenos Aires, you can also visit other clubs, where you can watch football games played in football stadiums. Note that most of the top flight teams are based in this city, like River Plate, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo, Argentinos Juniors,Velez Sarsfieldand All Boys. There’s also the Independiente and the Racing Club in Avellaneda, just south of the city.

People in Buenos Aires just love to watch live matches and you’ll find many tour operators selling tickets here.