Why Spend On A Similan Island Live aboard To Go Diving?

As situated in the Andaman Sea, Similan is a great host to find the most attractive dive sites. Explorers love to see the granite islands and what’s underneath the seawater. You can utilize this guide and see why you will love to dive in Similan. You will also want to spend few days onboard the Similan Island liveaboard for fun and excitement.

The Marine Life

As a diver, you will want to see the rainforest of the sea and its plethora of marine life like stingrays and sharks. It makes you an extremely lucky diver if you have seen the marine life near the Similan Islands.

The Coral

There will also be a variety of hard and soft corals to see near the Similan islands. Coral Gardens is actually the best dive site to see some of the world’s most beautiful coral. The dive site is about 29 meters deep so you need to be a certified diver to venture into these depths.

The Dive Sites

In Similan Islands, there are so many dive sites to choose from, which makes you descend up to 30-meters. You can dive or snorkel the areas of Coral Gardens, Anita’s Reef, Shark Fin Reef, Honeymoon Bay, Koh Bon, Christmas Point and a lot more. You also need to be extra cautious for sites with stronger currents for safety.

Multiple Accommodation Options

Though the Similan Islands are protected areas, travellers can still stay for an accommodation on the island. You will want to stay on a Similan Island liveaboard and spend an overnight stay on a boat, while you go diving each day.

It is Affordable

Similan Islands is no exception when visitors seek for an affordable diving. Pattaya can make visitors enjoy their stay here, while they enjoy the underwater realm. Two dives may cost around 6000 to 7000baht. It can even be more expensive if travellers climb onboard a Similan liveaboard. However, snorkelling day trips will cost around 3,000 to 4,000baht.

Snorkelers are Welcome

You can possibly enjoy snorkeling on the deep seawaters of Similan Islands. You can rent gears at the national park headquarters. You can choose a day trip in Khao Lak or Phuket for affordable prices. Ensure you are there between October till May as bad weather can have the park closed.