AirAsia On Probe After Tragic Accident Before New Year

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed in the Java Sea on three four days before New Year. It carried 162 people including the plane’s crew. The short trip from Surabaya to Singapore ended tragically after it flew in a stormy weather. Such fate of one of AirAsia’s planes has been a big blow to the business.

Investigators’ report

Investigators reported that they were only considering human error or technical problems with the plane as the primary reason for the crash. It had just recently ruled out the angle of terrorism.
A source of information such as the black boxes, flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder has been retrieved by divers. Alongside with the equipments, bodies have been found and to date, 53 bodies were already recovered.

After weeks of operation at sea, divers are dismayed by the rough sea conditions that prohibits them from spanning the sea at greater extent. Just last week, the plane’s fuselage which is believed to contain most of the passengers was spotted in the Java seas. However, weather conditions do not permit the divers to explore further.

According to Indonesia’s investigators, they did not find any hint of terrorism in the files extracted from the cockpit voice recorder.

Indonesia’s weather agency attributed the crash to the stormy weather. The investigators said that they will continue to probe on how the plane’s system responded to the rough weather conditions and how the pilot and people on board reacted.

In a statement by the investigators, they will not disclose any further information contained on the black boxes, flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. This protocol is observed so as not to give misleading information to the public. Investigators will still piece the puzzle and carefully scrutinize the trails of evidences before jumping into conclusion.

Bad for business?

Fear has already enveloped the air commuters. Several plane mishaps have been reported last year. AirAsia is not spared from this. When the news of AirAsia’s crash broke out, the plane’s revenue suffered. The public’s reaction was as expected. Nevertheless, AirAsia’s profits rebounded and one could only attribute it to the name and legacy it has built through the years.