Australia’s Tech Workforce Expected To Exceed 1.1mn By 2026

The Australian Computer Society recently published the 2021 iteration of its Digital Pulse report which tracks key trends in the country’s tech workforce, and how the next five years will look. The report’s outlook for the IT industry is optimistic, which should give some relief to professionals in the digital industries.


Key findings in the report include, but are not limited to:


  • In spite of the pandemic, the AU’s tech workforce totaled to 805,525, a 33,400 (4.3%) increase from the prior year. The increase led by sectors that adapted to the pandemic by digitalizing a lot of their operations, like finance, utilities, construction, and retail.
  • Over the next 5 years (2021-26), the country’s tech workforce is expected to exceed 1.1mn
  • Young Aussies are acknowledging the value of digital skills, with the fastest growing educational field in terms of domestic enrollments being IT, with 41,000 in 2019
  • In spite of the good news, there’s a gap between the expected demand for 60,000 technology workers annually, compared to the 7,000 yearly IT degree graduates. The report notes that boosting reskilling and restarting migration is needed in order to meet Australia’s ICT needs.
  • As for specifics, the Australian ICT sector might hold progress back. Parity would help boost employment by 5,000 new workers a year within the first 2 decades.
  • The top software programming skills in demand in Australia is SQL (14%), Java (10%), and DevOps (9%).


The report was published early May and is available for viewing at ACS, the report highlights the importance of the tech sector to Australia’s economy. It’s good news for the businesses invested in king kong agency reviews and the like, it’s good news, as well as showing how the pandemic shifted businesses and industries in the AU.