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Third-Party Recognition And Validation Through Customer Feedback

People put the same trust in king kong agency reviews as recommendations from family and friends. Reviews are the voices of consumers on online platforms that can build brand loyalty and strengthen sales. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product that has positive reviews that validate the benefits that can be gained. Statistics reveal that 92% […]

Online Tasking Sites Make It Easy To Find Qualified Tradies

Most job seekers look for employment opportunities through the internet. Job sites also include reviews on the biggest names in the industry and highlight the best choice for employment. It is not surprising for job seekers to be encouraged by positive King Kong reviews; after all, the reviews were posted by the employees themselves. In […]

Glasdoor Releases Data On Most Well-Paid Jobs In The US For 2019

Different professions offer different salaries and rewards for its professionals, that much is recognized. The minutiae, however, tends to shift around as the markets change and adapt to the world. Such data is important, as salary is one of the biggest attractors for potential employees. With the US’s job market being so tight, as well […]

EY Survey Shows An Increase In Tax Audit Presence Due To BEPS

In its 35th Annual International Tax Conference, EY declared its new tax survey results. The survey showed that companies have been experiencing more audits and aggressive tax enforcement from all over the world. The numbers from the EY survey Twenty-three percent of the tax directors mentioned that they are under audit in 15 countries and […]

Small Business Owners Less Worried About Brexit Than Before the Referendum

Prior to the referendum, fifty-two percent of the small as well as medium-sized enterprise (SME) leaders were convinced that the share prices preceding Brexit would fall. However, this has already reduced to thirty-nine percent based from a study conducted by Opinium. Last May, twenty-eight percent of SMEs were convinced that Brexit will result to a […]

Expanded Tour In South America To Be Offered By & Beyond

&Beyond has experienced success with their tour operating services available in Chile and Argentine and because of this they are ready to expand their firm which specializes in luxury experiential travel. To be able to cover more of South America, the company will have now available tour services in Peru and Ecuador. According to the […]

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