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Businesses In Orange County Ready For Year-End Customers In Spite Of Disappointing Sales Reports

Clutter is a problem that individuals and businesses have to deal with at some point or another. However, removing bulky and heavy items is a time consuming process. Instead of doing it on your own, a better option is to hire junk hauling Orange County for efficient removal of clutter without disrupting the normal operations […]

EY Survey Shows An Increase In Tax Audit Presence Due To BEPS

In its 35th Annual International Tax Conference, EY declared its new tax survey results. The survey showed that companies have been experiencing more audits and aggressive tax enforcement from all over the world. The numbers from the EY survey Twenty-three percent of the tax directors mentioned that they are under audit in 15 countries and […]

Small Business Owners Less Worried About Brexit Than Before the Referendum

Prior to the referendum, fifty-two percent of the small as well as medium-sized enterprise (SME) leaders were convinced that the share prices preceding Brexit would fall. However, this has already reduced to thirty-nine percent based from a study conducted by Opinium. Last May, twenty-eight percent of SMEs were convinced that Brexit will result to a […]

Stricter Rules For Bitcoin Mining In The EU To Limit Terrorist Activities

The European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol has reported that there is no evidence linking bitcoin to terrorism financing; however, the EU still sought for stricter rules on virtual currencies that include bitcoin in light of the rising terrorist threats and money laundering schemes. The stricter EU rules will seek to bring an end to […]

App-Based Transport – A Threat To The Taxi Industry In Las Vegas

Tourists from different parts of the globe flock to Las Vegas to experience the tossing of cards on the felt of a casino table. However, last May 29, 2015, taxi drivers gathered on the strip to protest Uber, an online transport network company that was seeking for legislative approval to be able to re-enter Nevada. […]

Low-Income Household Helped By Oakland Program With Home Repairs

Waterford, Michigan – April 25, 2015 – Roof repairs, restoration or re-roofing, wiring improvements and fixing the stairs are only some of the extensive repair work that is needed for a certain household at Waterford Township. When her grandmother died in 2006, Holly Nelson was the one to inherit her grandmother’s home but unfortunately, the […]