Comparing Review Marketing To Traditional Marketing

Using customer reviews in marketing campaigns is growing in popularity particularly with the presence of social media platforms and third-party review sites where people can post their comments about a brand. A successful marketing campaign needs to integrate reviews to take advantage of the content provided by customers.

When comparing traditional marketing strategies to review marketing based on user-generated content, the latter offers several distinct advantages. Reviews are free and voluntarily written by customers. They provide unique and unedited content which makes them trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

According to statistics, the purchasing decisions of consumers are heavily influenced by the reviews that they read because it is like trusting a friend’s and family’s personal recommendations. For companies, customer reviews result in big payoffs. They increase sales conversions and provide users with positive company information.

To encourage customers to leave a positive review, it is important for a business to provide a feedback/review button on the homepage or create a page that is specially dedicated to reviews. A paragraph can be included that explains why the business values reviews from its customers. A link can also be used to direct customers to a specific location where they can leave their feedback. Afterward the reviews can be highlighted on the website to improve customer loyalty.

Aside from third-party review sites, you will find king kong marketing reviews on the financial section of online news platforms. The reviews help customers decide on whether they want to hire the services of the digital marketing agency in helping them achieve growth and success.