Four Things To Learn From Sabri Suby

With just $50 in his own bedroom, Sabri Suby was able to build Australia’s fastest grown digital marketing agency, King Kong, in just seven years. Today, the company earns an annual revenue of $20M, and has recently begun expanding its business to the US, Canada, UK, and New Zealand.

As a thought leader in his industry, Suby has a lot to teach us about maximising the potential of a business. Here are just four of them.

  1. Think big. As he was bootstrapping his business, Suby started as a one-man team which later expanded to sixteen employees. From working at home, he realised he needed an office to prove to his clients that he was credible in his field. Setting milestones such as these are the small steps he took towards eventually becoming an internationally recognised agency.


  1. Understand your consumers. In what is often seen to be the lucrative industry of digital marketing, Suby goes beyond just analytics and numbers and recognises that the real power of selling is in getting to know consumers. By understanding how they think and feel, Suby is able to lean into the psychology of the consumer and find innovative ways of reaching them.


  1. Make your online presence visible and unique. By making the most of different online and social media platforms, Suby is able to adapt the promotions of his customers’ brand in various ways.


  1. Practice what you preach. Suby himself uses the methods he shares with his clients in his own company as well. With the success of King Kong Sabri Suby sets an example of success to his own customers.


Amidst the exponential growth of his company, Suby has also published a book, “Sell Like Crazy,” which has even more valuable lessons on marketing.