Furnishing Company Seeks Payment Or Return Of Furniture For Non-Payment

Furnishing a school is not easy feat—seats and tables must be durable and ergonomic, and not no mention the demand because of the sheer number of chairs and tables that may be required. Because of this, a school furniture company puts a lot of work in delivering what their clients as for and ensuring its quality at the same time.

Breach of Contract

One school furniture company is claiming that two new schools still have not paid for their goods and services. The company has launcheda High Court proceedings because of this.

The said company, G Morgan & Sons, says that Inspired Spaces Bundle 5 in Ireland secured a contract from the state to construct one collage and five schools in Meath, Wexford, Wicklow, and Carlow.

Because they have not received payment, the company believes it is entitled to the interest in the furniture as well as possession of the item, if it would not be paid at all. They are seeking declarations and orders to clarify this.


G Morgan & Sons, based in Drogheda, employing nine people, entered an arrangement with Sammon Contracting, the main contractor that was responsible for building the schools. They had a contract to supply furniture to a total of five schools that they were building.

On the other hand, Sammon Contacting,was in a contract with Inspired Spaces Bundle 5 in Ireland, a joint venture of the Dutch Infrastructure Fund (DIFCO) and Carillon, a UK firm.

Carillon’s Collapse

Unfortunately, the UK firm Carillon collapsed in early 2018, leading to Sammon Contracting’s liquidation.

Despite this collapse and liquidation, Louis Entagard SC, representing G Morgan & Sons, believes that they deserve compensation for providing furniture to two of the five schools last December: Cloister Ruthin, Bray Co Wicklow and Lore to College over at Wexford. They claim that they are to receive £196,000 for the goods, but it was never paid.


The Counsel has released a statement saying that the items should either be paid for or returned, if not. However, Insprired Spaces allegedly declined to do either, causing difficulties in the company’s cash flow. They added that as long as the furniture remain in the schools, these should not be used to as to avoid depreciating its value.