How Authentic Are Product Reviews?

Due to a significant increase in online shopping, many retailers are pressured to generate less-than qualified reviews with the hope that they will be ahead of the competition. However, by writing reviews by themselves or asking someone who has no personal experience with the product, the distrust in the industry was magnified.

It is not surprising that consumers prefer reviews that clearly identify the shopper who wrote the review. To ensure the reliability of a review, many customers have made it a habit to post the actual photograph or video of the product that they have recently purchased before writing their opinion. Customers have found easy and quick ways to share images and videos to validate their reviews. Online retailers, on the other hand, must weed out unqualified reviews so as not to break the trust that has been built with customers.

An authentic review can easily influence consumers to make a purchase decision, particularly in instances when the consumer is still undecided. However, it would be quite difficult for a business owner to respond in a timely manner to all the reviews on the product pages. A good idea will be a product question and answer tool that allows previous customers or community experts to respond on behalf of the company.

The most qualified clients that write king kong marketing reviews are those who have actually experienced the services that the digital marketing agency offers. By responding to each and every review received, other clients are motivated to share their opinion of the service. They do not even need an incentive to do so.