Procedures In The US-Canada Cross-Border Trade

Most businesses in the US who have dealings in Canada know the regulations and procedures when exporting to Canada. Similarly, Canadian businesses that export products to the US must be knowledgeable about US export mandates. To simplify the process of cross-border trade between the two countries, businesses opt for a qualified logistics provider or customs broker that will ensure that all regulations are fully complied with.

According to the US Commercial Services, one of the first steps that have to be undertaken in the export process is to secure all the necessary permits and attend to all potential OGD requirements. Doing business in Canada means that you have to be aware of the country’s unique sales tax codes that are collected by the federal and provincial governments.

Canada has listed two official languages – English and French. More than 32% of the population prefers French as the national language. The Canadian government wants labelling and packaging of goods entering Canada to follow the bilingual requirements with weight and measurements displayed in metrics. The imported product must also display the name of the Canadian importer and country-of-origin marking on specific goods.

Proper care must be taken to ensure compliance with marketing, packaging, and labelling requirements. In the province of Quebec, French is the only official language. This means that the French language must be prominent on labels, instructions and warranties, marketing and advertising materials, and brand names.

Border security is an important part of US-Canada cross-border trade clearance processes. There are programs in place at each side of the border to lessen the risks of contrabands and terrorist-related materials from entering both the US and Canadian borders. Random security inspections have been implemented in recent years; however, it has caused clearance delays and increased the costs of transport. Automated security protocols have become available to collect data regarding shipments before they arrive at the borders.

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